red car covered in soap suds from having valet done


water droplets on top of clean yellow metallic car

What is included:

  • Snow foam pre wash
  • Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
  • All door jambs and surrounds washed clean of all dirt and dried with soft microfibre towels
  • Full Exterior hand wash using the safe wash method followed by a water beading treatment
  • Exterior fully dried using soft microfibre drying towels
  • All glass cleaned inside and out
  • Interior footwell areas, seats and dash vacuumed
  • Dash and instruments cleaned and dried.



How much Does it cost

   Small to medium vehicles

Prices from £50

  Large vehicles

Prices from £60

  MPV and 4x4 vehicles

Prices from £70


Enquire Now




We can now perform a range of extra valeting services. If your vehicle would benefit from any of these, mention it while calling or emailing, and we shall include it in your estimate.

Engine bay degreased, cleaned and dressed - From £25

Windscreen decontamination and a hydroscopic protection providing 4 month protection From £20

                                                 Machine Polishing 


  • After Clay barring, a Single stage machine polishing removes 60% to 90% of paint imperfections using one type of pad and polish compound combination - From £180
  • After clay barring a Two stage machine polishing removes between 70% to 95% of paint imperfections using two different types of pad and polishing compound - From £250
  • Full exterior wax finishing providing up to 12 months protection - From £50

Headlight correction. - From £40 per pair

Although modern headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic unfortunately they are porous and are susceptible to all manner of environmental elements and over time the headlight glass begins to break down and turns yellow and dull.

One option is to replace the headlights or have them corrected at a fraction of the price of replacements.

If this isn't addressed it can result in an MOT failure.


To allow an even deeper clean and decontamination of the wheel arches and wheel hoops your wheel can be removed providing an enhanced deep clean

from £145



 orange SUV being cleaned with car wash