Maintenance Valet Plus

This is a full interior clean, including vacuuming. From £80!

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car interior being hoovered backseats

What is included:

  • Snow foam pre wash
  • Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
  • All door jambs and surrounds washed clean of all dirt and dried with soft microfibre towels
  • Full Exterior hand wash using the safe wash method followed by a water beading treatment
  • Exterior fully dried using soft microfibre drying towels
  • Interior footwell areas, seats and dash vacuumed
  • Your vehicles dashboard and instruments are cleaned and dried.
  • All of your interior and exterior glass and all interior mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Boot space vacuumed and cleaned
  • A complimentary air freshener is left in the vehicle for you
  • Paper mats are also left in your vehicle



How much it costs

   Small to medium vehicles

Prices from £80

  Large vehicles

Prices from £100

  MPV and 4x4 vehicles

Prices from £130


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  Hot Steam cleaning anti-bacterial treatment

From £50

  Chewing gum remover

From £10

car interior being steam cleaned seats