Valeting service in Wokingham

At First Impression you can choose from three valeting services

We are here to make things easy for you. With our convenient service, all you have to do is call or email, choose your package, and we shall provide you with a quote. We will adjust your quote based on the condition and size of the vehicle, but make sure your car is treated with loving care from start to finish, no matter what size, shape or condition it was in beforehand. We provide a comprehensive Valeting Service in Wokingham, enabling vehicle owners from across the Borough to have their cars looking beautiful and fit for any occasion!

We will need to view your vehicle to provide an accurate quotation due to the huge variations in clients opinion of the condition of their vehicles.

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This is more than just a car wash!

There's a huge distinction between a car wash and a valet in terms of cleanliness and detail, as well as the amount of work and knowledge that is required. While a car wash is great for quickness and convenience, if you need your vehicle to make a truly lasting impression, and look the part for a long period of time, a valet is necessary.

We find it astonishing how many people invest tens of thousands in a beautiful car, but never spend the mere £50 it takes to keep that vehicle looking beautiful going forwards. While a supercar or a luxury vehicle is expected to look immaculate, many car owners are amazed by how good their car will look when it has been valeted.

With our valeting service in Wokingham, you can keep your car in pristine condition, saving you time, labour, and expense. Our adaptable, patient, and hard-working team will make sure your vehicle looks amazing, and helps you make that all important first impression!

white vehicle being jet washed and valeted



                                                                               New Packages For 2024

Maintenance Valet

Your exterior bodywork, glass, tyres, wheel arches, and trim are all deep cleaned and waxed to perfection. From £60! 

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Maintenance Valet Plus

This is a full interior clean, including vacuuming, upholstery washing, dust removal and air freshening. From £80! 

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Full Exterior and Interior Valet

We will assist in keeping your vehicle in as pristine condition as is reasonable possible on a regular schedule. From £160! 

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Contact us on 07789 678918 for a fast quote, and to book mobile valeting in Wokingham with us! You can also fill out our contact form here.